LM1141 Minding My Own Business

LM, Episode 1141, 2/1/23 (Remaster LM, Episode 103, 2/26/20), Minding My Own Business

I have a routine when I fly. I sit on the right side of the plane in the first few rows against the window. I only talk to people when they talk with me because I write.  I write with a purple pen and I often see tray tables on Southwest planes with purple ink on them, meaning I have sat there before.

On an early morning flight to Indianapolis a woman sits down next to me, gets settled, looks over at my writing and asks, “What are you doing.”

I know you’ll find this hard to believe, but when I travel, I get sarcastic.  I answer, “Minding my own business,” which makes us both laugh.

My friend, Beth McCombs, posted on facebook she was sitting next to a woman on a plane who tells her she doesn’t fly often, but she and her husband were going on a trip to celebrate his recovering from a serious illness that forced him to learn to talk and walk all over again.

Beth stated, “Everyone has a story.  It’s beautiful how some of these stories can leave little imprints on our lives.  Inspiration is everywhere, if we open our hearts to it.”   Thank you, Beth.  Today I hope your heart will be open to the inspiration the world is offering you and always remember laughter matters.

LM1140 Kai is Always Welcome

LM, Episode 1140, 1/31/23, Kai is Always Welcome

Our daughter-in-law, Kate, texted me this week asking if our grandson Kai could stay with us whie they were out of town.  I replied, “No.”

Apparently sarcasm doesn’t always come through in written communication, so, after not getting a response for a minute or two, I called to tell her I was trying to be funny.

She laughed and said, “Just imagine Keith and me staring at my phone trying to decide if you were serious or not.”

So, Kate and Keith, for the record, Kai can stay with us anytime.  You don’t need to ask.  And I will try to be funnier next time because you know how much laughter matters.

LM1139 Management Monday

LM, Episode 1139, 1/30/23 (Remaster LM, Episode 101, 2/24/20), Management Monday

Our cat, Little One, was 19 when she died.  She was angry and sarcastic.  Whenever I’d scold her, she says, “Why are you mad at me, I didn’t cut your hair.”

When we moved back to KC I had to find a new barber.  I chose John because he was within walking distance of the house.  Walking to my haircut was the only pleasant part of this experience.  On my best day, I’m impatient and John was slow as molasses, which meant we had to fill 30 minutes with small talk. The problem was we disagreed on most everything, politics religion, you name it.  I often thought about finding someone else, but being pessimistic, I’d think, “Sure this is bad, but something different could be worse.”

Thankfully John retired and my wife, Twyla, suggested I try her hair stylist Jamie.  Jamie and her mom run a beauty shop in their basement and I love going there.  They are funny and make me laugh, which is quite an accomplishment.  One of the occupational hazards of doing comedy is you watch something funny and you no longer laugh.  You say things like, “That’s funny,” or, “I wished I’d thought of that.”

The product, a haircut, is the same.  In fact, after one Jamie gave me, Little One said, “If I was that ugly, I’d shave my butt and walk backwards.” The product is the same, but I love going there because the atmosphere is fun and happy. In fact, even though we no longer live in Kansas City, whenever I am there, I get a haircut from Jamie.

If you want happier customers, more profits, and less employee turnover, develop happier employees. It is well documented that our customer relations mirror our employee relations, because, as customer service expert, Emily Yellin, observes, it is virtually impossible for an employee who feels mistreated to care about our customers.  I’m not sure where the idea originated that doing something good for employees is bad for business, but the opposite is true.

And to Jamie and her mom, thank you for the laughs over the years.  You have no idea how much I need them. 

If your organization would like a fun, informative keynote for your next conference, please check out my website at www.kentraderspeaks.com and always remember laughter matters.

LM1138 My Chiefs Stocking Cap

LM, Episode 1138, 1/29/23, My Chiefs Stocking Cap

Although I am no longer a football fan, I grew up a Kansas City Chiefs fan.  I was especially fond of the defense of those Chiefs teams.  

Recently I heard a story about one of those Chiefs players, EJ Holub, an alumni of the same college as the Chiefs Patrick Mahomes, Texas Tech University.  EJ got injured on a play and when the coach came to the field to see if EJ was okay, he asks, “EJ, where did you get hit.”

EJ replies, “Right here coach, I haven’t moved an inch.”

Today we live in Cincinnati and, on the day of the AFC Championship game between the Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals last year, I made the mistake of wearing my Chiefs stocking cap while running. At least once a block someone would yell, “Who dey.”  That is until I took it off.

The Chiefs and Bengals return to the AFC Championship game tonight. The Bengals have beat the Chiefs three times in the past two years, but I would never count out a team guided by Patrick Mahomes.  Although I care nothing about the outcome, it should be a great game.  And after it is over, I will retrieve my Chiefs stocking cap from the drawer where it has languished all week.

Have a great Sunday and always remember laughter matters.

LM1137 Saturday Morning Live