LM342 Laughter Matters

LM341 Happy Birthday Amelia

LM, Episode 341, Happy Birthday Amelia

When my niece, Amelia, was in high school, on the first day of class, one of her teachers was taking roll.  “Amelia Rader, Rader? Rader?  I just read a book by a Kent Rader, is he related to you?”

Never wanting to be the center of attention, Amelia responds, “I THINK I have an uncle named Kent.”  


Amelia is the perfect amalgamation of the best qualities of her parents.  She is sweet and thoughtful with a wicked sense of humor and a love for reading like her mom.  And from her dad, my brother, she got red hair. 

Today is Amelia’s birthday and I wish her many more.  If you would like a free copy of my stress reduction book title Let It Go, Just Let It Go that Amelia’s teacher read, please send me an email with your postal mailing address to kent@kentraderspeaks.com.  Have a great weekend and like Ameila, always remember laughter matters.

LM340 Flaming Globes of Sigmund

LM, Episode 340, 10/22/20, Flaming Globes of Sigmund

Our son, Keith, is a Seinfeld show junkie and no matter what situation arises, he can relate it to a Seinfeld episode. 

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes has Jerry waking up in the middle of the night, laughing.  He writes something on a piece of paper and returns to his slumber, then spends the rest of the episode trying to figure out what he wrote.  Finally, he figures out it says, “Flaming globes of Sigmund.”  He’s so happy, then says, “That’s not funny.

A couple of times a month I will wake up to write something from a dream that I think is funny.  We call these Flaming globes of Sigmund.  

Last month I wrote one that I thought was hilarious.  It says, “Apparently I should listen better,” and I put an e at the end of better.  I shared it with my friend, Mark Fels and he said, “Putting an e at the end of a word is a way of classing it up, like Briarcliffe.”

If anyone’s writing could use some classing up, it’s mine, but I don’t think putting an e on better will do it.

This Flaming globes of Sigmund has been sitting on my desk for nearly a month and for the life of me I can’t figure out what I thought was so funny about it.  I showed it to Twyla yesterday and she says, “I don’t know why you thought it was funny, but I like the direction you’re going with this one.”

Apparently it was a set up for Twyla.  Always remember laughter matters.

LM339 I’m A Momma’s Boy

LM, Episode 339, 10/21/20, I’m A Momma’s Boy

Like many performers, off stage I am shy.  Meeting people one on one is difficult for me to this day.  

When I was a kid, I wouldn’t stay at a birthday party or Sunday School unless Mom stayed with me, prompting my brother, Michael, and uncles to call me Momma’s Boy.

Mom just knew when I went to kindergarten, she’d have to go with me, but, on the first day of school, I jumped out of the car, said goodbye, and ran into the school.  She cried all the way home.

My parents have sold their house and are moving to Chicago to be close to Michael, which, finally, settles which child they love the most. 

No, We have lived close to them for the past 14 years and, with us moving to Cincinnati, they decided it was time to move to a place that more suits their needs, one without steps or yard work.  They sold their house, which may be the most difficult experience of their life.

They lived there 43 years and it is full of memories.  There were holidays with my grandparents and our family friends, the Bammans, all of whom have passed.  My Uncle Paul, one of the funniest people I ever met, and Uncle Bobby, one of the sweetest people I ever met, would stop by early in the morning. They are both past, but those chats in Mom’s kitchen are some of my most fond memories of them.

Over the past few months Mom and Dad have shed many tears over this move because they love that place and never thought they would leave it.  Micheal and I understand, but would reassure them the time was right.

Last Saturday, as they were leaving for the last time, they got in the car, said goodbye, and drove away.  And I cried all the way home.  So Micheal’s right, I’m a Momma’s Boy.  Always remember laughter matters.

LM338 I Want a Wife Like Rocky

LM, Episode 338, 10/20/20, I Want A Wife Like Rocky’s

This weekend we went to check in on our friend, Mike, who has had some health issues.  He was watching the movie Creed.  The closing scene is Rocky visiting the grave of his wife, Adrian. Mike says, “Someday I hope to have a wife like Rocky’s.”

I go, “What do you mean, dead?  Mike, we all want a wife like that.”

Twyla says, “I’d be like Winston Churchill when Lady Astor said to him, “Sir, if you were my husband, I’d poison your tea,” to which Winston replied, “If I were your husband, I’d drink it.”

Touche.  Always remember laughter matters.