LM, Episode 188, 5/21/20, Friends in Low Places

For years, between the top and bottom of the sixth inning, the KC Royals played a video of Garth Brooks in a Royals jersey, leading the audience in the song, Friends in Low Places. Until the day she went to the grave in the backyard, everytime our cat, Little One, heard that song, she’d say, “It must be the middle of the sixth.”

In 2003 I was flying from Tulsa to Nashville.  After I took my seat, a guy got on the plane who everyone but me seemed to know.  He sits down next to me.  When he says, “hello,” I go, “You seem to be someone I should know, but, I’m sorry, I don’t.” 

He responds, “I’m Garth Brooks.”

“Oh, cool,” and I went back to writing.  I know he was a country singer, but that was it and I didn’t think he needed me bothering him, but he asked what I was writing and we spent the hour flight talking about performing, writing, and the Grand Ole Opry where he was performing that night.  He was genuinely a nice man.  I don’t really like his music, but I immediately bought some of his albums because of how he treated people.

Conversely, I love the music of KISS, but quit listening to them after hearing Gene Simmons be rude, sexist, and obnoxious during an interview with Terry Gross.  I don’t care how big of a star you are, the way you treat people matters almost as much as laughter matters.