LM, Episode 312, 9/24/20, 

When Keith’s sister was in college, she asked me to go to Sonic with her for lunch.  I go, “I have to mow.  You don’t think the grass will mow itself, do you?”

She responds, “Oh, I just thought it reached a certain height and broke off.”

“What does go on in that pretty head of yours.”

I’m telling Mom this, saying, “She’s 20 and never mowed.”

Mom goes, “And, if there’s a God in heaven, she’ll never have to.  That is one of the few reasons to keep a man around.”

Mom fought for equality for women in America and, like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she had a man who supported her in this effort.  It seems for any oppressed people to get equality, they must have people of privilege to champion the cause.  Susan Sarandon claims over 20 years ago Paul Newman gave up part of his pay so she would be paid the same in a movie they were doing. I believe those of us with privilege must continue fighting for those who are oppressed.

I’m proud Maggie has picked up the gauntlet from her Grandma Rader in fighting for women’s equality and I’m happy her husband, Justin, supports her in this fight, but I also noticed he does all the mowing.

Have a great Thursday and always remember laughter matters.