LM, Episode 375, 11/30/20, Management Monday

In a year when so much has been taken from us, leave it to our thoughtful, intelligent son, Keith, to come up with a silver lining.  On a zoom call on Thanksgiving when we were saying what we were thankful for this year, Keith said, “We’re lucky to live in this time because 20 years ago we wouldn’t have the communication tools on the internet like we do today.”

The internet has become so ingrained in our life, we struggle to live without it.  I know because it took us a week to get the internet set up when we moved into our apartment.  Even in a cave in the mountains of Tora Bora, Osama Bin Laden had internet.

We had two appointments with one company for installation, but, after waiting for the four hour window they said they would arrive, I called to find the appointment had been cancelled and they didn’t notify us.

The installation with the second company was easier, but I received numerous phone calls for the next week trying to sell us phone service, change our cell phone service, television.  One of the people asked me, “What do you do for television.”

“I read.”

On Management Monday I want to remind you the best way to increase your revenue is to deliver quality service.  Surveys show 90% of purchasing decisions are based on service.  Both of these companies missed an opportunity to develop a loyal customer.  When we move to Cincinnati, we will need internet, but, because of our experience here, I will shop around.  

Have a great week and always remember laughter matters.