LM, Episode 418, 1/15/21

Occasionally Twyla likes to put me in my place by dragging me into a game of Scrabble because she knows I don’t spell well.  I spell only slightly better than the Chick-fil-A cows.  I swear, If I wrote for television, Della Reese would have starred in a show called Touched by an Angle

My elementary teachers would instruct me, “Kent, look it up in the Dictionary.”  News flash.  You can’t find it in a Dictionary unless you know how to spell it. 

I developed three skills to compensate.  If I was at home, I’d call my Grandma Rader because she could spell everything, I’d substitute a synonym that I knew how to spell, and I developed poor handwriting in the hopes teachers couldn’t tell I misspelled a word.

Spell check software was a great help, but the voice recognition on my phone has been a breakthrough.  All I have to do is say the word into my phone and it gives me the spelling and definition.  The only way it could be improved is if the response was in my Grandma Rader’s voice.

The bad news is my writing is still atrocious.  By the way, I had to look up how to spell atrocious.  Have a great weekend and always remember laughter matters.