LM, Episode 422, 1/19/21, There’s No Waiting on Register 14

I have little patience on a good day and last Monday was not a good day.  I’m standing in line at the grocery store when I hear over the loudspeaker, “There is no waiting at register 14.” I’m standing in line at register 14, thinking, “That guy hasn’t been to register 14 in a while because there’s plenty of waiting going on.”

There is a woman who looks like my aunt Myrna paying for her scratch offs with change from her coin purse.  I hadn’t noticed I was tapping my foot until the guy behind me asks, “Are you tapping your foot to speed her up.”

I go, “Yes, but, obviously, it’s not working.  I’d pay for her scratch offs just to get her out of here, but I don’t want to encourage her to gamble away her hard earned change.” (141 words)

He said, “Maybe she’ll share her winnings with you?”

“Yeah, but, by the time she got done counting it out, quarter by quarter, I’d be too old to spend it.”

As she blissfully walks away with her scratch offs, I realized the only person in line stressed by her leisurely unhurried pace is me.  I know I will not have learned my lesson, but the realization did make me smile.  Always remember laughter matters.