LM, Episode 424, 1/21/21, Rose’s Birthday?
A few years ago, after a funeral, someone said, “Oh, I met your mom. Someone told me about her killing a rattlesnake with an ax and I asked her, ‘Weren’t you scared.’ She said, ‘Why should I be scared, I was the one with the ax.’”
I told him, “That woman has never been scared of anything.”
She never backed down from anything, so you can imagine my shock when I’m nine, she gets stopped for speeding, and turns into Scarlet O’Hara. She’s like, :Oh, fiddle dee dee, officer, I had no idea I was speeding, I’m just so busy with cookin’ and cleanin’.”
He says, “Don’t you worry your pretty little head ‘bout it. You drive careful now, ya hear.”
“What was that?’
She says, “That is how stuipd men are.”
“Momma, I’m not that stupid, am I?”
“You will be, baby, you will be.”
A couple of years ago, when she meets me for lunch, she exasperatedly says, “Well, I’m, officially, old. I got stopped for speeding and couldn’t flirt my way out of a ticket.”
Today is Mom’s birthday. Her middle name is Amelia after Amelia Earhart and, like her namesake, she has been a pioneer. Mom broke down barriers in America that have given her granddaughters opportunities they take for granted, she refused to raise her children with the lie of racism prevalent during her childhood, and she reduced the rattlesnake population of Ray County, MO. Happy Birthday, Mom. I look forward to when we can get together and celebrate.
Always remember laughter matters.