LM, Episode 425, 1/22/21

Driving to Twyla’s Aunt Eleanora’s 90th birthday party, I made a snide comment about one of Twyla’s goofy relatives.  Getting out of the car, she instructed me, “You need to keep your mouth shut today.”

Whenever one of her relatives greeted me, “Hey, Kent,” I’d respond, “Twyla told me to keep my mouth shut.”

“Hey, Kent, how are you?”

“Twyla told me to keep my mouth shut.”

I knew full well her relatives would get on to her, “Twyla, why is Kent not allowed to talk?”  All except her aunts, Ruth and Wanita.  When I told them, “Twyla told me to keep my mouth shut,” they responded, “That sounds like pretty good advice to us.”

Those two knew just what to say to make me laugh.  They always remembered laughter matters.