LM, Episode 457, 2/23/21

My friend, Stefanie, is originally from Germany and I once heard her say, “I’m a fixin’ to go home.”

I had to ask, “Where does a good German girl pick up, ‘I’m a fixin’?”

She tells me she learned English in North Carolina.  “Well that explains it.”

When we moved to Oklahoma the two most difficult things we had to adapt to were, first, they called us Yankees, and, second, everyone said, “I’m a fixin’ to…”  Ten years after we moved back to Missouri, I was in Norman, OK speaking.  Going out to run that morning, I hear a guy walking into the hotel answer his phone, “I was fixin’ to call you.  How’s your mom and ‘em.”  And I thought, “I’m home.”

Just after moving to Oklahoma, Maggie came home from kindergarten saying, “I’m a fixin’,” and Twyla snaps, “NO, you are not ‘fixin’’ to do anything.”  To this day Maggie remembers it.  Good thing to because it saves her the embarrassment of performing Shakespeare saying, “I’m a fixin’ to speak to him like a saucy lackey and under that habit play the knave with him.”

Right now I’m a fixin’ to remind you laughter matters.