LM, Episode 458, 2/24/21

Last week NASA landed a rover on Mars and they were shocked when out jumped Ted Cruz.  

Bless his heart, Ted can’t buy a break. 

Last month, when Missouri senator, Josh Hawley, wanted to protect the vote of President Biden, Ted didn’t want to be outflanked, so he also decided to protest the vote, all to help a president that said Ted’s wife was ugly and Ted’s dad helped assassinate President Kennedy.  That day, an insurrection happened at the capitol and Ted and Josh stuck to their guns.  Although their political pandering may help them today, history will judge them harshly.  

As the rest of his fellow Texans were suffering without heat or water because of a winter storm and power failures, Ted took a vacation at the Ritz-Carlton in Cancun. 

Ted is so reviled by his neighbors, they ratted him out for leaving his dog at home without heat and the best part, the dog’s name is Snowball. 

At the same time, it was discovered that Dolly Parton turned down the state of Tennessee’s request to put a statue of her on the capitol grounds.  Dolly said there were too many other pressing issues in our country that need addressing rather than honoring her, which is why we should erect a statue of Dolly.  

Ted tried to deflect criticism by saying his daughters asked him to go and he was trying to be a good father.  As a father, I can empathise with Ted.  Senator Cruz, how about you and I try to be generous and humble like Dolly?  That would mostly, certainly, make us better fathers and human beings.  

Always remember laughter matters.