LM, Episode 459, 2/25/21

The Kansas City police are looking for a murder suspect, one Charles Baldwin.  Mr. Baldwin is 6 feet tall, 160 pound, with a Gucci tattoo above his right eye.  Far be it for me to play Monday morning quarterback, but the pool of young, white men who are 6 feet tall, 160 pounds is large.  In fact, our son, Keith, would be in it, but a Gucci tattoo above the right eye reduces it significantly.  That’s like having a vanity plate on a getaway car.

Keith has some tattoos, but they are meaningful to him.  He has his son, Kai’s, name, birthday, and foot print off his birth certificate.  He has Mario from his first video game, Super Mario Brothers.  Obviously, if you’re wanted for murder, your judgement is suspect, but I wonder what went into the decision process for the Gucci tattoo?  

I don’t have any tattoos.  I have nothing against them, I just can’t think of anything I would want printed on my body for the rest of my life.  The closest things I’ve considered are the Rolling Stones tongue and the St. Louis Cardinals’ logo.  Thank goodness I didn’t get that Bill Cosby one a couple of years ago. I’d be regretting it as much as Mr. Baldwin is regretting that Gucci one.

Have a great Thursday and always remember laughter matters.