LM, Episode 486, 3/26/21

I worked on a return so the taxpayer could cosign a loan for their girlfriend.  I told one of the other preparers, Stefanie, “If I learned one thing from my friend, Ed, it was cosigning a loan for a girlfriend is a bad idea because he did it multiple times for multiple women.” Stefanie agreed.

The next night I told her, “That cosigning for a girlfriend situation got me in trouble at home. When I told Twyla cosigning a loan for a girlfriend is a bad idea, she asked, ‘You wouldn’t have cosigned a loan for me when we were dating.’  I said, ‘I wouldn’t co-sign a loan for you now.  Sure, we’ve been married 35 years and you’re the mother of my children, but do I know you well enough to cosign a loan, I think not.’” 

Stefanie says, “Well that was just dumb on your part.”

“Really, I thought I’d get some support from my co-worker.”

“Not when you do dumb things like that.”

Twyla said, “Stefanie’s a smart person. She’ll figure out you’re full of it.”

“And, Twyla, that’s why I won’t cosign a loan for you.”

Always remember laughter matters, but not enough to relieve the heartache of cosigning a loan for someone you’re dating.