LM, Episode 489, 3/28/21

Today is Palm Sunday when Christians celebrate Jesus triumphantly riding into Jerusalem on a donkey.  My experience with my Uncle Bobby’s donkey makes it a miracle Jesus made it to Jerusalem. 

When I was five or six, I was riding Bobby’s donkey until she got in the middle of a stream and stood there stomping in the water until Bobby came in and rescued me.  Bobby says, “She needs to know who’s boss.”

“Bobby, I think she does.”

The donkey represents peace because kings would ride a horse as they attacked a city.

A few years ago we were driving home past a church in town that always had funny, creative signs out front like:

“Seven days without Jesus makes one weak.” (That’s w-e-a-k, not w-e-e-k) or 

“Tweet others as you would want to be tweeted.”

“Don’t make me come down there, signed God.”

Twyla wondered what their Palm Sunday sign would say.  I said, “How about, ‘Jesus is riding my ass.’”  That was a long walk home because Twyla also knows who’s boss.  Have a restful and restorative Sunday and always remember laughter matters.