LM, Episode 516, 4/28/21

As much as I enjoy working in the Block office with Stefanie, Judy, and Laura, I dislike working in the other office.  There are a couple of reasons and one is a guy, let’s call him Paul because that’s his name.

I can’t figure out if Paul’s worst quality is being a racist or a chauvinist.  He told me one night, “I wished you’d done that last return.  I like the husband, but the wife is black and she asks way too many questions.”

Thinking sarcasm might help him see how wrong that statement was, I go, “I know, my dad asks all sorts of questions about his return and we’ve often wondered if he isn’t black.”  

His wife makes him a peanut butter sandwich every day for lunch.  On April 15 they had tacos at that office and Paul says, “These tacos saved my wife three minutes this morning not having to make my sandwich.”

As nice as I could, I said, “Your wife could save three minutes every morning by telling you to make your own damn sandwich.”  

Paul is dumbfounded.  He says, “I don’t know how to cook.”

“Paul, you don’t have to be Julia Child to make a peanut butter sandwich.  When I was ten I called my mom at her job and said, ‘I’m hungry,’ and she replied, ‘Then learn to cook,’ and she hung up on me.” 

Paul simply turned and walked away with his plate of tacos, seemingly disliking me as much as I dislike him.

I should feel sorry for Paul because he is completely devoid of humor.  He never laughs or smiles.  Maybe he wouldn’t be so racist and chauvinistic if he knew how much laughter matters.