LM, Episode 518, 4/30/21, I’m Hot And Not In a Good Way

Twyla had a hot flash last night so bad I woke up hearing sizzling because my skin was frying.  She’s had hot flashes for 15 years, which is nothing.  I’ve been hot since 1966.  My two favorite villains on the old Batman TV show were Catwoman because Ertha Kitt was one of the most beautiful women to ever live, and Mr. Freeze because I wanted a suit like his that would keep me cool.

When I travel alone, I keep my hotel room at 60 degrees, which makes the housekeepers work quickly just to keep warm.

Unfortunately, I have passed this propensity to be hot to our daughter, Keith’s Sister.  She is so warm blooded that, even though their house has central air, she has a second AC in their bedroom so she can sleep more comfortably.  A couple of years ago after we spent the weekend in St. Louis watching some Cardinals’ games, the rest of the family said they would only do it again if Maggie and I shared a room so they didn’t freeze during the night.

Today is the end of April, which, traditionally, means the start of warmer, summer weather.  For the next four months I will struggle running in the heat, which makes me irritable, so, if you notice I’m short tempered, please remind me how much that laughter matters.