LM, Episode 520, 5/2/21, 

When I visited my parents a couple of weeks ago, Dad commented how different my brother, Michael, and I are.  I drive everywhere like I’m 15 minutes late.  Michael drives so slow farm equipment passes him.  He once got points taken off during his engineer’s test for driving the train so slow. Once he was driving a train through Chicago with the crew that would take it on to Omaha. The engineer is wanting to get home and told Micheal, “You know this thing will go a bit faster.”

Michael loves technology and can’t wait to buy the latest gadget.  I’d still be calling with two tin cans connected with string if the string didn’t get tangled when I travel.

We do both ride bikes.  Michael’s is a Harley and mine’s a Schwinn and, if I go easy he can almost keep up.

After lunch during my visit, Michael pulls out his well worn wallet.  I commented about it and his wife, Ruth, instantly starts laughing.  Micheal says it used to have a chain, but one day he had ridden his Harley to the hair stylist and when he tried to get up from the chair, his chain was tangled.  Apparently it took three stylists and a team of clydesdales to get him untangled.

All I could think to say was, “You were born to ride.”

Michael makes me laugh, whether he is telling a story about me or himself.  He always remembers laughter matters.