LM Episode 529, 5/11/21.

I Hope You’ve Learned Your Lesson

At one of the Block offices we haven’t had a receptionist for the past couple of weeks and our boss, Bill, has been answering the phone and waiting on customers.  Last week our resident chauvinist, Paul, says, “We need to get a girl to be the receptionist.”  

I go, “That’s for sure.  It’s way to complicated of a job for a man, look what a shitty job Bill’s been doing.”

One evening when Bill was on another line, I answered the phone at the Block office.  A woman asks to talk with one of the other tax preparers, Karen.  I tell her Karen is with a client and ask if I can take a message.  She says, “Karen gave my husband a list of things she needs to finish our return and he isn’t getting it done.  I need for Karen to let me know what those items are and I will get them to her.”

I go, “Wow, that’s a first.  A man who isn’t doing what he’s asked to do.”  We both laugh.  After taking the message, I say, “I hope you and Karen have learned your lesson.  Don’t trust this bum with anything important.”

A few minutes after giving the message to Karen, she comes in my office, “What did you say to her?  She was still laughing.”

“You know, Paul had a good idea.  We need to get someone to answer these phones.”

Have a great Wednesday and always remember laughter matters.