LM, Episode 597, 7/21/21, One Small Step for Mankind

As I mentioned yesterday, the North Carolina license plate proclaims, “first in flight.” After taking over 1,000 flights in the past 22 years, I can’t figure out if they’re bragging or apologizing.
And the pandemic has done something that I didn’t think was possible. It has made flying even worse because the FAA has mandated all passengers wear masks and the, “Don’t Tread on Me,” crowd is getting into fights with flight attendants and getting arrested over it. I’m thinking if the Wright brothers could have anticipated this, they would have quit and ridden their bicycles back to Ohio. Then what would the North Carolina license plate say? Of course, anything is better than Missouri’s. It says, “You gotta live somewhere.”
Yesterday was the anniversary of Neil Armstrong being the first human to walk on the moon. When he took his first step, he proclaimed, “One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.” It is going to all of us to take a few small steps to save mankind from this pandemic. Please get vaccinated, wear your mask, wash your hands, and always remember laughter matters.