LM62 Laughter Matters-Being a Flirt

LM, Episode 62 1/14/20, Being a Flirt
My cousin, Frank’s, truck is covered with bumper stickers, my favorite says, “I’d rather push a Ford than drive a Chevy.” Twyla says, “That’s a special kind of stupid right there. I don’t know if Frank’s ever driven a Chevy, but, from the looks of his truck, he has pushed a Ford.”
Saturday I was running in Atlanta and, at a stop light was a truck with a bumper sticker saying, “Be a flirt, lift you shirt,” so I did. Poor guy, he’ll never be able to unsee that.
Actually, we shared a laugh. As we’ve talked in the past, laughter reduces your stress and improves your health. It helps organizations build collaboration or teamwork and it helps individuals tap into those creative problem skills we all possess. Today I hope you will look for opportunities to laugh because laughter matters.

LM61 Laughter Matters-Drop Dead Pete

Laughter Matters, Episode 61, 1/13/20, Drop Dead Pete
I work more than half the weekends every year, so I am often on Friday afternoon flights full of business women and men exhausted from the week’s labors. On one such flight to Atlanta, as we take off, the guy next to me turns to his buddy and says, “I got a text from Pete asking me to call him when we land.”
The buddy says, “Man, nothing good can come from a Friday afternoon call with the boss.”
The first guys responds, “Maybe I should update my resume.”
“I updated mine when he fired Carol.”
I’m a giver, so I say, “Say, guys, how about when we land, I call Pete and tell him to drop dead? I’ll tell him you boys done clocked out for the weekend and whatever stupidity he has, it can wait until Monday.”
These two are speechless. Finally, one asks, “Do you know Pete.”
“No, but I had plenty of bosses just like him.”
They proceed to spend the next hour telling me how they had a productive, cohesive office until Corporate sent Pete in. Pete is a Sigma Cum Laude graduate of the Fear and Intimidation School of Management. He fired Carol, an employee who had 23 year, stellar work record.
Predictably, productivity had plummeted, customer complaints had skyrocketed, creativity had dried up because people were afraid to make a mistake, and their best employees were leaving because, as Travis Bradberry observes, “Employees don’t leave a job, they leave a boss.”
As we have discussed before, it is important to develop happy employees because our customer relations mirror our employee relations. You can go a long way to developing this by being the kind of boss you would want to have for yourself. In other words, treat your employees as you would want to be treated.
Have a great week and always remember laughter matters.

LM60 Laughter Matters- My Apologies to Blue Moon Odom

Sunday, Episode 60, 1/12/20, My apologies to Blue Moon Odum
Fifty years ago yesterday the KC Chiefs won Super Bowl 4, beating the Minnesota Vikings 23-7. I was a huge fan as a kid, but unlike most kids, I didn’t care as much about the offense as I did the unyielding Chief’s defense. Buck Buchanan, Emmitt Thomas, Johnny Robinson, but especially linebacker, Bobby Bell.
Bobby Bell was the greatest athlete I ever saw. He is not only a great linebacker, member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he was the long snapper on punts and field goals, late in the game on Thanksgiving of 1969, Denver tried an onside kick. Bobby Bell picked it up and out ran everyone on the field for a touchdown, a play I make Twyla watch every Thanksgiving day.
A few years ago I return from my run to my Phoenix hotel. The lobby is full of former professional athletes heading out for a golf tournament and standing there is Bobby Bell and I turn in to a 12 year old girl. “Bobby Bell, I’m Kent Rader. You are the greatest athlete I ever say.”
Standing next to him is A’s pitcher, Blue Moon Odum. He says, “Hi, Kent, I’m Blue Moon Odum.
I go, “I know, this is Bobby Bell. He ran back an on side kick on Thanksgiving day against Denver.” Bobby Bell laughs and is very gracious to me.
After two night’s of shows, I fly home to Kansas City. Twyla meets me and when we get to baggage, standing there is Bobby Bell. He says, “Hi, Kent.”
Twyla is impressed. “Wow, Bobby Bell remembered you.”
I go, “Yes, probably like Jody Foster remembers John Hinkley, Jr.”
Although I don’t follow football any more, I do wish the Kansas City Chiefs the best today as they start the playoffs. And Bobby Bell, if you are listening, thank you for being so kind and next time you see Blue Moon Odum, please extend my apologies and always remember laughter matters.

LM59 Laughter Matters-Clean Deer and Cincinnati Airport

LM58 Laughter Matters-Mr Helper

Laughter Matters, Episode 58, 1/10/20,
This week we have been talking about what makes us happy. Research shows humans are happy when they:
Having quality relationships with family and friends.
Having a career or hobby we love and challenging
Helping others through volunteering or random acts of kindness.
And I do find I am happier when I help others. I’m catchin a 6 am, Sunday morning flight out of Midway airport in Chicago. Everyone, including me, is setting off the metal detector. Rick, with TSA asks if I have anything in my pockets and, when I say I have a bottle of hand sanitizer, he says, “Put it through the x-ray.”
I am going on five hours sleep and I know you’ll find this hard to believe, but when I’m tired, I get sarcastic. I say, “If a PLASTIC bottle is setting off your METAL detector, you better turn it down.”
“Well, Mr. Helper, you just earned a trip through enhanced security.”
Standing in line at enhanced security, I see the supervisor run up to Rick, “Rick, you need to turn that thing down, it shouldn’t be going off on everyone.” And I was happy that I helped our hard working brothers and sisters at TSA.
If you would like a fun night of CLEAN, stand-up comedy, join Jan McInnis and me for your Baby Boomer Comedy Show at the Dallas Theater in Dallas, GA this Saturday night, January 11, at 7 pm and always remember laughter matters.