LM530 The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

LM Episode 530, 5/12/21,

The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

Bless his heart, our cat, Mr. B, has had his life upended in the past few months.  Last fall we sold the house that he hadn’t left for 14 years since the day we moved in and moved into a basement apartment of a house.  Now he hears the neighbors upstairs, Jasmine and Jeromy, walking around and thinks they are coming to get him, then last Saturday, Twyla gave Jasmine’s two preschool nieces magic wands and they were tapping him with them trying to turn him purple.  Fortunately the wands were defective and he is still grey. 

The only thing that makes his life worth living is treats.  He had never had kitty treats, but, when we moved here, we gave them to him to try to comfort him.  Now he’s an addict.  He wants treats first thing in the morning, the last thing at night, and numerous times during the day.  He has the same attitude my cousin Brian has about food, if it tastes good it has to be good for you.

So if any of you know a good twelve step program for cat’s treat addiction, please let us know.  Of course the first step is admitting you have a problem and the only problem Mr B thinks he has is he needs to grow a thumb so he can get his own kitty treats. 

Always remember kitty treats and laughter matter.

LM529 I Hope You've Learned Your Lesson

LM Episode 529, 5/11/21.

I Hope You’ve Learned Your Lesson

At one of the Block offices we haven’t had a receptionist for the past couple of weeks and our boss, Bill, has been answering the phone and waiting on customers.  Last week our resident chauvinist, Paul, says, “We need to get a girl to be the receptionist.”  

I go, “That’s for sure.  It’s way to complicated of a job for a man, look what a shitty job Bill’s been doing.”

One evening when Bill was on another line, I answered the phone at the Block office.  A woman asks to talk with one of the other tax preparers, Karen.  I tell her Karen is with a client and ask if I can take a message.  She says, “Karen gave my husband a list of things she needs to finish our return and he isn’t getting it done.  I need for Karen to let me know what those items are and I will get them to her.”

I go, “Wow, that’s a first.  A man who isn’t doing what he’s asked to do.”  We both laugh.  After taking the message, I say, “I hope you and Karen have learned your lesson.  Don’t trust this bum with anything important.”

A few minutes after giving the message to Karen, she comes in my office, “What did you say to her?  She was still laughing.”

“You know, Paul had a good idea.  We need to get someone to answer these phones.”

Have a great Wednesday and always remember laughter matters.

LM528 Management Monday- Decorative Pillows

LM, Episode 528, 5/10/21, Management Monday

If you ever find yourself in Cincinnati wanting to buy decorative pillows, you’ll be out of luck.  Our daughter, Keith’s Sister, has cornered the market buying every decorative pillow from Dayton to Covington, KY. That’s why Twyla and I laugh when  we see the Progressive Insurance commercials where Dr. Rick is trying to help new house buyers not become their parents and he tells the woman who’s sofa is full of decorative pillows, “If you have nowhere to sit, you have too many.”

We also love, “You woke up early, no one cares,” and, “Guess what, the waiter doesn’t need to know your name.”  He tries to get them to open a PDF file and they all cower.

Recently the co-founder of Adobe, Chuck Geschke (Geske), passed away.  I heard a wonderful college lecture in which he talked about the history of his company and his business principles.  

Chuck said he and co-founder, John Warnock, wanted to build a company where they’d want to work because they could attract other nerds to join them.

He advised managers to hire people smarter than themselves because it’s a larger population from which to choose and they will make you look good.

Mr. Geschke said there are four constituents in business, customers, employees, shareholders, and the communities in which you work and these four have conflicting interests.  What is good for one is bad for the others.  When they hired people at Adobe, they were given just one principle to follow, treat each of these four constituencies as you would want to be treated, the Golden Rule.

Today on Management Monday I would hope we would all consider Chuck Geschke’s business principles for our own organizations and, if you are in Cincinnati and need some decorative pillows, give me a call.  I think I know where I can get you a score.  

Always remember laughter matters.

LM527 Happy Mother’s Day

LM, Episode 527, 5/9/21, Happy Mother’s Day

Mom has a reputation for fastidiously making beds.  Dad used to joke when he got up in the night to go the bathroom, he’d return to find she’d made the bed.

My uncle Paul loved telling about picking up my brother, Michael, early one morning when Michael was visiting Mom and Dad.  Michael came running out of the house in the predawn light, jumped in Paul’s truck, proclaiming, “Let’s get out of here before Mom finds I didn’t make the bed.”

I was eating lunch in the cafeteria of the hospital where I was working years ago the day after Mother’s Day when one of my billing clerks, Dorothy, sat down to eat.  Dorothy was well past retirement age, but, thankfully for the hospital, she continued working.  When I asked her if she had a good Mother’s Day, she replied, “Other than making the bed I didn’t do anything.”

I go, “Twyla didn’t even make the bed.”

“Oh, that;’s sweet, you make the bed for Twyla on Mother’s Day.”

I go, “No, neither one of us ever makes the bed.”

Dorothy’s husband had a heart attack and, after he’d been home a couple of weeks recuperating, I walk into the cafeteria and, in front of half of the employees of the hospital, Dorothy proclaims, “Kent, everytime I look at my bed, I think of you.”

Everyone starts laughing and, embarrassedly, Dorothy says, “No, it’s just been, since Don’s been home, we never make the bed.”

In honor of Mother’s day, Mom, I’m making our bed. And to all the moms out there, have a happy Mother’s Day and always remember laughter matters.

LM526 Laughter Matters-Saturday Morning Live