LM489 Management Monday

LM, Episode 489, 3/29/21

Half way through Twyla’s tenth year of teaching at Navajo Schools outside Altus, OK, she asks me, “Did you know I had a staff meeting on the third Thursday of the month.”  When I respond I didn’t, she says, “Neither did I.”  For 9 ½ years, if she was at school on time, someone would stop by her room and lead her to the meeting and she never noticed a pattern.  

She apologized to the Superintendent, Mr. Montgomery, saying, “Why didn’t you say something to me?”

He said, “Mrs. Rader, you are a great teacher.  You have the kids’ best interest at heart and you have many fine qualities.  Adhering to a schedule is not one of them.”  I dream of someday being so good at a job everyone will overlook my eccentricities.

Two or three years after we moved to Missouri, Twyla received a $2,000 check from Navajo School.  Mr. Montgomery had written a note that the school had been honored for the last year she taught there and he was dividing the cash award among all the teachers who were there that year and that is one reason the teachers at Navajo go above and beyond the call of duty, including making sure they’re at school on time on the third Thursday of the month.  Mr. Montgomery is the personification of integrity.  He could have easily used Twyla’s $2,000 for something else, she would have never been the wiser, but it wouldn’t have been the right thing to do.  Twyla often said she would never want to disappoint Mr. Montgomery.

Today on Management Monday, I hope all of us will try to live up to Mr. Montgomery’s example of leadership.  It will pay you back with loyal, honest, and hard working employees.  Have a great week and always remember laughter matters

LM488 Palm Sunday

LM, Episode 489, 3/28/21

Today is Palm Sunday when Christians celebrate Jesus triumphantly riding into Jerusalem on a donkey.  My experience with my Uncle Bobby’s donkey makes it a miracle Jesus made it to Jerusalem. 

When I was five or six, I was riding Bobby’s donkey until she got in the middle of a stream and stood there stomping in the water until Bobby came in and rescued me.  Bobby says, “She needs to know who’s boss.”

“Bobby, I think she does.”

The donkey represents peace because kings would ride a horse as they attacked a city.

A few years ago we were driving home past a church in town that always had funny, creative signs out front like:

“Seven days without Jesus makes one weak.” (That’s w-e-a-k, not w-e-e-k) or 

“Tweet others as you would want to be tweeted.”

“Don’t make me come down there, signed God.”

Twyla wondered what their Palm Sunday sign would say.  I said, “How about, ‘Jesus is riding my ass.’”  That was a long walk home because Twyla also knows who’s boss.  Have a restful and restorative Sunday and always remember laughter matters.


LM487 Laughter Matters-Saturday Morning Live So Like Lexi Chad

LM, Episode 487, 3/27/21, Saturday Morning Live

LM486 Never Cosign a Loan For a Girlfriend

LM, Episode 486, 3/26/21

I worked on a return so the taxpayer could cosign a loan for their girlfriend.  I told one of the other preparers, Stefanie, “If I learned one thing from my friend, Ed, it was cosigning a loan for a girlfriend is a bad idea because he did it multiple times for multiple women.” Stefanie agreed.

The next night I told her, “That cosigning for a girlfriend situation got me in trouble at home. When I told Twyla cosigning a loan for a girlfriend is a bad idea, she asked, ‘You wouldn’t have cosigned a loan for me when we were dating.’  I said, ‘I wouldn’t co-sign a loan for you now.  Sure, we’ve been married 35 years and you’re the mother of my children, but do I know you well enough to cosign a loan, I think not.’” 

Stefanie says, “Well that was just dumb on your part.”

“Really, I thought I’d get some support from my co-worker.”

“Not when you do dumb things like that.”

Twyla said, “Stefanie’s a smart person. She’ll figure out you’re full of it.”

“And, Twyla, that’s why I won’t cosign a loan for you.”

Always remember laughter matters, but not enough to relieve the heartache of cosigning a loan for someone you’re dating.

LM485 I Got My First Dose of the Vaccine

LM, Episode 485, 3/25/21

I got my first Covid vaccination on Monday.  My friend, Andy, and I volunteered at the Research Medical Center’s Community Covid Vaccine Clinic.  

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but it’s dark outside at 6.30 in the morning, which is when we had to report.  They took our temperature at the front door, then gave us a green sticker we were to wear on our shirt with the letters MON on it.  I put mine on upside down and spent an hour wondering what NOW meant. In my defense, it was the middle of the night and I’d only had one cup of coffee.

The person in charge, Nisha, was exceptionally skilled and organized, plus an excellent judge of people’s skills.  She put Andy, Shane, and Kelly on the computers registering people and positioned me to tell them after they had registered, “It’s down the hall, last door on the left.”  That way, if my temporary job of doing taxes doesn’t work out, maybe I can get a job at the truck stop directing people to the bathrooms, provided they are down the hall, last door on the left.

Five hundred people got their second vaccine shot that morning and all seemed happy and grateful to be doing their part to help the world get past this pandemic.

When we finished, they had extra doses, so Nisha got Andy and Kelly their second shot and Shane, his wife, and I got our first.  As my friend, Mike Preson, said, “It was a little chunky when the microchip went into my arm, but at least the government can track me now.”

I just hope Twyla doesn’t gain access to my tracking data, not because I’m doing anything nefarious.  I just don’t want her to know how lazy I am when she’s at work.  

I want to thank Nisha and Research Medical Center for my doses.  I feel like it is a major step to ending this Covid nightmare.  

Always remember laughter matters.