LM81 Laughter Matters-Too big to fail

LM80 Laughter Matters-Jerry the cat

LM79 Laughter-Matters-Go Chiefs

LM, Episode 79, 2/2/20, 

Happy Super Bowl Sunday.  Like many of you, Twyla and I will be attending a Super Bowl party tonight.  I am not a football fan. Most years I watch the first half, then spend the rest of the game in the kitchen with Twyla and the other wives talking about anything other than football.

But this year I’ll be watching the entire game because the KC Chiefs are in it and the last time they won I was 10 and a huge fan.  I am looking forward to reminiscing about that win.

Apparently our Super Bowl parties are more tame than the average because I read 17.2 million American workers or 11% of our workforce will call in sick tomorrow.  Five percent of those are healthcare professionals, Lord help you if you have a heart attack tomorrow, especially in KC or San Francisco.

A 16 year old, Frankie Ruggieri has collected 36,000 signatures to a petition to move the Super Bowl to Saturday so everyone has Sunday to recover.  I am sure most of our nation’s churches are against this because they are having enough problems getting people to attend, but I also believe this is a bad idea.  I believe going to work may be the only deterrent the other 89% of American workers have to not go crazy. Who knows what kind of debauchery, decadence, depravity may go on if people have the next day off. 

Have a restful, relaxing Sunday and go Chiefs.

LM78 Laughter Matters-Do not prejudge anyone

LM, Episode 78, 2/1/20, 

Sixty years ago tomorrow, four African American men fired one of the first shots in America’s civil rights movement when they sat down at the white’s only lunch counter at the Woolworth in Greensboro, NC and refused to leave.  

One of these brave men was Franklin McCain. He recounted that there was an elderly, white woman sitting there and, “you know she’s not having good thoughts about us or what we’re doing.”  She finished her donut and coffee, walked behind the four and calmly said, “Boys, I’m so proud of you. I only regret you didn’t do this 10 years ago.”

Mr. McCain said he learned to, “Never stereotype someone until you at least experience them and have an opportunity to talk to them.” 

We have talked this week about having thoughts about situations that aren’t based in reality and too often we pre-judge people based on their appearance, which is the root of the word prejudice.  Today, in honor of that woman who supported the four brave young men at the Woolworth lunch counter so long ago, let’s not judge anyone until we have the chance to talk with them. Have a great weekend and always remember laughter matters.

LM77 Laughter Matters-Do not sit in seat 20a

LM, Episode 77, 1/29/20, Happy Birthday Ruth

My sister-in- law, Ruth, is a wonderful and funny person. On the day Ruth retires, Dad tells me she drove around the parking lot with her top down, which shocked me, until I found out she’d bought a convertible for her birthday.  I was way off.  

Ruth has been married to my brother for over 40 years and I have yet to get her birthday right. A few years ago I was going to do a set at a comedy club in Amarillo, I call Ruth, “Happy birthday.”

Ruth says, “Thank you, but it was yesterday.”

“Ruth, I’m afraid this may be as close as I’m ever going to get.”

I was planning on telling Ruth happy birthday today, but last night Mom told me her birthday was Monday, so happy belated birthday, again, Ruth.  I hope you have a great one, knowing you married the smarter of the Rader brothers, and always remember laughter matters.