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LM67 Laughter Matters-Is the Pack Back

LM, Episode 67, 1/19/20, Is the Pack Back?
I got home Sunday from our sold out, Baby Boomer Show, CLEAN, stand-up comedy for People Born Before Seat Belts in Dallas, GA in time to workout and watch the KC Chief’s game. I am not a football fan anymore. The only game I saw last year was when the Chiefs lost to the Patriots for a birth in the Super Bowl and, after the first quarter of Sunday’s game, I thought I might be a jinx because the Chiefs were behind 24-0. Fortunately for Kansas City, they rallied and won 51-31.
I noticed two of the four teams remaining to go to the Super Bowl are the Packers and Chiefs. This was the matchup in the first Super Bowl in 1967. It was such an important event, Dad bought our first television so we could watch it. The Packers prevailed and I became a Packer fan.
My brother, Michael, gave me two of the greatest presents ever. He bought me a Packer helmet in 1968 and a few years ago he bought me a share of stock in the Packers.
I’m working in Green Bay a couple of years ago and stopped by to visit the Packer Hall of Fame located at the stadium only the stadium was closed for remodeling. When I tell the guy at the gate, “But I’m an owner,” he responds, “You and everybody else in Wisconsin.”
Today I am rooting for the Chiefs and Packers to replay Super Bowl I. Have a restful Sunday and always remember laughter matters.